Basic and Detailed Design and Engineering


Our engineers and technological experts with their redoubtable knowledge of design, engineering and construction, always strive to make innovative improvements in the design of SAF projects and the senior having an edge over the process technology, metallurgy, commercial and economic aspects are always there to offer well meaning advice.


  • Freezing the Master Layout of the Plant.
  • Fixation of Furnace Building Sizes, Schematic Floor Plans and Floor Elevations, and Loading Details.
  • Schematic drawing of equipments on each floor.
  • Finalizing the Raw Material Feeding System layout.
  • Fabrication of Furnace Shell.
  • Drawings of Basic Electrode Holder Assembly consisting of Electrode Suspension Arrangement, Traverse Frames, Slipping Devices, Hydraulic Hoisting, Mantles, Suspension Links, Air or Water Cooled Protection Shields, Smoke Hood etc.
  • Hydraulic Circuits consisting of Hydraulic Power Packs for Hoisting and Slipping and clamping etc.
  • Pneumatic Circuits.
  • Material Flow & Water Flow Diagrams.
  • Tapping System with E.O.T Crane arrangement.
  • Single Line Diagram for Electrical Systems.


Detailed engineering includes the extraction of all the necessary information from all the basic engineering drawings and calculations to provide the exact drawings in intricate detail for all manufacturing, production, fabrication & erection items and in turn the entire plant along with the exact bill of quantities and specifications for each chunk of the equipment. RgCON is well equipped to undertake this critical assignment.


Design & Engineering