Your Success Is Our Motive


We at RgCON, have always firmly believed in the motto that our success lies in our clients’ success meaning the obvious success and prosperity we would attain if our clients are satisfied and are doing well with our design, happy with our consultancy and quality of response to critical technological issues.

Especially, in the field of Ferro Alloys, SAF technology has profound influence on the TECHNO-ECONOMIC SUCCESS of a company, be it a consultancy of our kind or a producer of Ferro Alloys. We look forward to providing the best technology and assistance so that we can proudly look back on the number of success stories the clients materialized as a result of the superior quality of RgCON design, equipments and techno-economic assistance of long lasting value. We at RgCON, take pride over the fact that many satisfied clients all over India attest to the reliable performance of our equipment, to our on-site representation and to our inspection & support during the planning, engineering, installation, and commissioning stages.